Why Ant Keeping 为什么要养蚂蚁呢?

Ant Keeping is a great hobby for kids & adult.

They teach us something about teamwork and the natural world, the main thing ants keeping provide us a chance to have a mini world in our room and understanding the how the world work and build up the kid’s love with life.



The formicarium is make to observe the ants colony behavior and also learn thing from these tiny life.

How the ants survive ?

How they teamwork and make the job separate?

How they fight when the insect come in and they need to work for their food?





What is the best thing that people get from ants keeping?

1)Discussion topic with whole family.

2)Stress release


4)Understand how the thing work


6)Build up patient

7)A lot more going to find out!!!!









Below is the video of some ants keeper comment


What Ants Need​ 蚂蚁的生活所需

Ants is a very simple creature in the world , most of the ants need protein & water for survivor , some of them need sugar(example: polycharis)


How Many Role In A Colony 群落内的角色

There are few role in the colony , they are Queen, Worker ,Major Worker, Princess, Drones

Queen – queen is the only ant that can lay eggs

Worker – serve the colony , find food/water/build nest/defend

Major Worker – defend/cut food/storage food

Princess – when the season is start ,they will fly out to mate with drones , after mated , they will become queen and start their own colony

Drones(Male) – they are born to mate with princess , whole life no need to serve the colony , but when the season is start , they fly out to mate with queen and died.

在一个群落内,会有好几个角色,分别是 皇后, 工蚁 ,兵蚁, 公主, 雄蚁

皇后 – 皇后是蚂蚁群落最重要的角色,负责生蛋

工蚁 – 服务整个群落,寻找食物/水源/建造窝/防卫都是它们的工作

兵蚁 – 防卫/切割食物/储存食物

公主 – 当季节来临,它们会飞离自己的窝出去和其他群落的雄蚁交配,过后就会变成皇后,开始自己的群落

雄蚁 – 它们主要是为了传种接代,出世到死亡都无需做任何事情,当季节开始就会离开群落出去和公主交配,交配过后就会死亡


I Want To Start Ants Keeping , How?我想开始养蚂蚁,怎么办?

1) Catch queen when nuptial flies season 在婚飞季节的时候去抓

You may try your luck to find the queen at the nuptial flies season under the street lamp


2)Purchase from Antsmalaysia as link below and asking for better advise


Click Me For Ant Queen Click Me For Formicarium

I Want To Start Ants Keeping , How?我想开始养蚂蚁,怎么办?


I Purchased Ants Colony with Formicarium, What Should I do?


1)Check your colony size 检查你的群落大小

if the worker number above 10, please view 2.


if the worker number below 10, please view 3.


2)Feed your colony depend species , hydrate your formicarium & connect the test tube(or container) to your formicarium.


3)Feed your colony & put in dark place till the colony reach 10 worker or above.


How Often I Should Feed To My Colony


Depend colony size will make the different how much need to feed.


You may try the method as below:


1)First day feed 1 Unit of food , and see if they can finish.


if can’t finish mean more than enough.


2)If they finished the food , add some to them see they still desire to take the food or they just forging the area without take the food


When they are enough for food, you can estimate that they are full and can stop feeding around 3-4 days.


Food List:-


1)Dubia 杜比亚蟑螂

2)Red Runner红樱桃蟑螂

3)Meal Worm 小麦虫/大麦虫

4)Honey 蜜糖

5)Jelly 果冻

6)Fruit Fly 果蝇

7)Self Make Ant Super Food  自己制作超级蚂蚁食物



Banned Food List:


Any wild catch food is no good for ant colony, maybe the feeder contain pesticide.


Housing For Ants Keeping 蚂蚁的窝室

1)Acrylic Formicarium 压克力蚂蚁窝

Good Point:-

a)Fully View 可以看到全部内容

b)Hydration easy to control 容易控制潮湿度

c)Can disassembly and clean 可以打开清洗

d)Hard to happen mold 不容易发霉

Bad Point:-

a)Higher Cost 较昂贵

2)Plaster Formicarium 石膏蚂蚁窝

Good Point:-

a)Cheap 便宜

b)Can customize 可以订制

Bad Point:-

a)Easy to mold 容易发霉

b)Hard to clean 难清理

c)easy to crack 容易破损

d)can’t be reuse 不能重复使用

3)Ytong Formicarium 加气砖窝

Good Point:-

a)Cheap 便宜

b)Can customize 可以订做

c)ventilation is good 透气性高

Bad Point:-

a)Heavy 重

b)Hard to clean 难清理

c)Easy to crack 容易破损

d)Crafting is a hard job 不容易雕刻

How To Avoid Ants Escape 怎样防止蚂蚁逃跑

1)Powder + Alcohol Mixture 爽身粉+酒精

Mix powder and 70% or above alcohol , the solution should be fully white and cant see through.


2)Fluon 聚四氟乙烯

Shake before use 使用之前摇均匀就好

3)Vaseline + Olive Oil 润滑油和橄榄油

***All the solution should be adjust for different ant species